New medicine for anemia and kidneys.

With this new medicine you will have the benefit of improving your kidneys and controlling your anaemia. For volunteers who want to participate in this study need to be over 18 years. If your doctor has told you that you have kidney problems and anemia. You should consult with approved clinics for this study. Your first consultation with the clinic, you will ask questions about your health status, social information, your reason for the consultation, and at the end of the consultation you will be ask for your medical information from your primary doctor or some other doctor. The process of being accepted in this study for each patient takes at least two to four weeks. For this type of consultation you do not need to pay and get many benefits by participating. This study as others has inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria. This means that you need to be eligible to participate in this study. You will have benefits to participate which are: you will be paid for each visit, free transportation, a check of your vital signs, and at each visit will be the doctor to control your health. In the process you will be asked for your consent to begin the study. Remember your health first and always maintain a healthy life. If you have any questions about this study leave your comment.



Osteoarthritis is a problem that comes with a person’s age and can cause a lot of pain in the area of the problem.  This disease has not no cure but can be treated with medicine. There are different types of osteoarthritis that occur when the flexible tissue at the ends of the bones wears out over time and the physical workings that forces the cartilages to degenerate. The study treatment lasts for five years. You can find local clinics research located in and around Tampa Florida. Benefits of treatment include: exams, labs, free transportation, free medication, vital signs check. The requirements to qualify in this study are: to be over 60 years old and have medical from your primary doctor. Responsible volunteer is needed with their appointments to stay in this study. If you suffer any type of allergic reaction to the treatment you can disqualified immediately. For your participation in this study of osteoarthritis you will be paid the amount of one hundred dollars for each visit. The medication can be oral tablets or by injection it all depends on the patient. At each visit, you will have a x-ray of the area to be treated with the medication. You can follow your life normally with this treatment. Remember that your health is first and consult your nearest clinic research. If you have any questions about your comment below, I will be happy to answer.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is something dangerous to health and can go to death if it is not treat on time. Health is the important thing to follow day after day. If you have a lot of cholesterol this will start by building in your arteries fat on the walls and causing a heath attack or stroke. By participating in this study not only improve your quality of life but also the ability to live longer. The requirements for this study include being 18 years or older, your primary doctor’s medical records, and a consent form by the volunteer. The treatment is an oral tablet and a specific diet. You can refer patients or friends who have this problem and you earn fifty dollars for referral. The time of this study lasts between two to four years all depends on the progress of the volunteer. The benefits of this study include free treatments, free transportation, exams and laboratories at no cost to the volunteer. Always remember to look for qualified clinics for this type of study. In the search for new treatments for high cholesterol you as a volunteer can donate your DNA sample for future studies. By participating in this study, you will receive the amount of two hundred dollars for each visit. If you have any questions please leave your comment below.


Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) a difficult problem to control with just one diet. In this study, they try to improve the appearance of the volunteer and look for new medicines more effective and quick for the problem of acne. The cause of acne is: hormone changes, type of diet, genetic factors, stress, makeup, and some drugs. Places treat may be like the face, back, neck, arms, stomach and in other parts of the body. Medications for this study include oral tablets, skin creams to be treated, and injections. The volunteer will be given assessments with a professional and qualified doctor in the treatment of acne. All ages may qualify for this treatment and if you are under age you need the consent of your parents or caregivers. You can refer a familiar member or friend who has this type of problem and you will earn fifty dollars. For the volunteer’s in this study is two hundred dollars or more per visit. In addition, the volunteer receives the benefits of free transportation, free treatment, and checkup of professional doctor. The patient will need a healthy diet, the responsibility of being on time on all visits, and the treatment will last approximately twelve weeks. If you have any questions please leave your comment below.

Alzheimer’s Disease

If you know a family member or friend who has Alzheimer’s disease, you can refer to this study and earn money easily just by referring. Keep I mind that it is a hundred dollars to refer to a person. Three important requirements are needed in this study for volunteers. The first requirement is for people to be between 50 and 80 years of age. The second requirement is that the volunteer has been diagnosed with mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease. The third requirement is to have a permanent caregiver who will be attending all the visits of the volunteer. This study helps the patient to have a slow cognitive impairment process and improve his function. The payment for each visit is one hundred and fifty dollars or more. The volunteer will not have to worry about the payment of the consultation because it is free, the treatment, the transportation and also will receive the care of a professional doctor. The time of this study is four years. Medicine can be by mouth or injection. The volunteer will need to have the medical records of his doctor primary doctor. Please if you want more information or a question leave your comment below.

Diabetes Type II

Diabetes is a disease that needs to be controlled immediately when detected by your doctor. The medicine is an oral tablet and combined with diet and exercise. For this study, it is necessary that the patient has routine check of their blood glucose levels. For this study, you need to be responsible with your medication, a healthy diet, and read a lot of information about the study. The goal of this study is to control diabetes type II and improve the patient’s health. Some people may need a drug therapy in this study. You can make money by referring a person to this problem and the payment is one hundred dollars. The volunteer who wants to participate in this study will be paid the amount of two hundred dollars for each visit. Volunteer is required to be 18 years of age or older. Another requirement is to have a glucose level of ten to eleven. At each visit the patient will have a blood glucose check, doctor’s check, vital signs check, and will need laboratories such the urine of the volunteer and draw his blood.  You can donate your DNA for future studies on diabetes (this is optional). The time of this study is four to six years. If you need more information please leave your comment below.

Research Studies for Eczema

For this study, the medicine is topical or cream that is placed on the skin where the problem of eczema is. You can recommend to a friend or relative who has this skin problem and you by reference will earn fifty dollars. The volunteer to participate in this study will receive an amount of two hundred dollars or more for each and free medicine. Eczema is a problem very difficult to control with creams or medicine oral. There is no curative treatment for this problem because it is chronic, people who have allergy, genetic or hereditary, and immunodeficiency of the of the body. The importance of this study is to find more effective creams, since in the market there are very few medicines for the control of eczema. All ages can participate in this study and if you are a minor you need the signature of your parents or guardians. You should go to a dermatologist first to consult your skin problem. Other benefits of this study are: free transportation, checkup by a doctor, at each visit the vital signs check, creams or gel creams for eczema.The time of this study lasts between three to four years. Remember that it is not only your health is also your comfort with yourself and your skin.

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

It’s a new study where volunteers have lung problems. The medicine is introduced into the vein of the volunteer. Qualifying in this study is the difficult part because the patient needs to be constantly on time on all visits. The patient will need to go to three different places for this same study. Why three different places? Because the first place is the study clinic, the second where radiology is done, and the third place where lung exams are done. The study time is two and half years. At the beginning of the study the patient needs to be on their visits every two weeks after the visit seven the patient start going every four weeks. Another requirement of this study is that each visit the patient needs to become laboratories and this means drawing blood. Also another examination in a machine called a spirometer to check the strength of the lungs. Benefits include free transportation, payment for your visit, free medicine, vital signs check, a doctor’s check, and check-up of your lungs at each visit. The payment for each visit is one hundred dollars including all previous benefits. If you are a minor you need the consent of your parents to qualify in this study. If you have any questions please leave your comment below.

DNA and Cancer

DNA is who we are and everything is from our parents. This is not a treatment with any medicine but it is part of the quest to create new medicines with the DNA of thousands of volunteers. The first requirement is that the person has some type of cancer and some medical evidence that confirmed that he/she had or is having cancer. The second requirement for this study is that the volunteer has had a family member with cancer and no matter what type of cancer has been. In the second requirement, no evidence or medical paper are needed to confirm if the relative had cancer. Anyone can participate in this study of all ages, since only the saliva of the patient is needed as a sample for the laboratory. The volunteer will need to complete a consent form and need to be signed. One of the best things about this DNA study is that it processes all patient information in a single day. So, the patient will only come for one day and he or she will be paid for his/her consultation fitty dollars. The visit for this study can least from thirty minutes to an hour. Please consult with approved clinics for this study. Do not be afraid and make your visit. If you want to know more about the subject please  leave your comment

Bacterial Skin Infections

I have a new study for you today. This new medicine treat infections created by bacteria and the best thing is that this treatment lasts only one month. Unlike other types of studies with this study you will receive payment for your visit and free medicine. To qualify in this study, you need to be over 18 years, write and sign inform consent, able to adhere to the study visit schedule and other protocol requirements. You may disqualify in this study if it is for the reason of a burn, an animal bite, and some infection that requires surgery. Volunteers will have the benefit of free transportation, vital signs check, a doctor’s check at each visit, and the best of each visit will receive a $60 payment.  For women in this study, you need a contraceptive method. This study requires volunteers to consent to do laboratories such as taking blood samples and also taking samples of the infections. On your first visit, you will be able to immediately receive your medicine in tablets without the need to go to a pharmacy. The clinics approved for this study are in Miami, Florida. No matter what type of infection you have with this new treatment you will be able to get back to your normal skin. If you want know more or have any questions about this study please leave your comment.