Osteoarthritis is a problem that comes with a person’s age and can cause a lot of pain in the area of the problem.  This disease has not no cure but can be treated with medicine. There are different types of osteoarthritis that occur when the flexible tissue at the ends of the bones wears out over time and the physical workings that forces the cartilages to degenerate. The study treatment lasts for five years. You can find local clinics research located in and around Tampa Florida. Benefits of treatment include: exams, labs, free transportation, free medication, vital signs check. The requirements to qualify in this study are: to be over 60 years old and have medical from your primary doctor. Responsible volunteer is needed with their appointments to stay in this study. If you suffer any type of allergic reaction to the treatment you can disqualified immediately. For your participation in this study of osteoarthritis you will be paid the amount of one hundred dollars for each visit. The medication can be oral tablets or by injection it all depends on the patient. At each visit, you will have a x-ray of the area to be treated with the medication. You can follow your life normally with this treatment. Remember that your health is first and consult your nearest clinic research. If you have any questions about your comment below, I will be happy to answer.


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