Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) a difficult problem to control with just one diet. In this study, they try to improve the appearance of the volunteer and look for new medicines more effective and quick for the problem of acne. The cause of acne is: hormone changes, type of diet, genetic factors, stress, makeup, and some drugs. Places treat may be like the face, back, neck, arms, stomach and in other parts of the body. Medications for this study include oral tablets, skin creams to be treated, and injections. The volunteer will be given assessments with a professional and qualified doctor in the treatment of acne. All ages may qualify for this treatment and if you are under age you need the consent of your parents or caregivers. You can refer a familiar member or friend who has this type of problem and you will earn fifty dollars. For the volunteer’s in this study is two hundred dollars or more per visit. In addition, the volunteer receives the benefits of free transportation, free treatment, and checkup of professional doctor. The patient will need a healthy diet, the responsibility of being on time on all visits, and the treatment will last approximately twelve weeks. If you have any questions please leave your comment below.


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