Diabetes Type II

Diabetes is a disease that needs to be controlled immediately when detected by your doctor. The medicine is an oral tablet and combined with diet and exercise. For this study, it is necessary that the patient has routine check of their blood glucose levels. For this study, you need to be responsible with your medication, a healthy diet, and read a lot of information about the study. The goal of this study is to control diabetes type II and improve the patient’s health. Some people may need a drug therapy in this study. You can make money by referring a person to this problem and the payment is one hundred dollars. The volunteer who wants to participate in this study will be paid the amount of two hundred dollars for each visit. Volunteer is required to be 18 years of age or older. Another requirement is to have a glucose level of ten to eleven. At each visit the patient will have a blood glucose check, doctor’s check, vital signs check, and will need laboratories such the urine of the volunteer and draw his blood.  You can donate your DNA for future studies on diabetes (this is optional). The time of this study is four to six years. If you need more information please leave your comment below.


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