Research Studies for Eczema

For this study, the medicine is topical or cream that is placed on the skin where the problem of eczema is. You can recommend to a friend or relative who has this skin problem and you by reference will earn fifty dollars. The volunteer to participate in this study will receive an amount of two hundred dollars or more for each and free medicine. Eczema is a problem very difficult to control with creams or medicine oral. There is no curative treatment for this problem because it is chronic, people who have allergy, genetic or hereditary, and immunodeficiency of the of the body. The importance of this study is to find more effective creams, since in the market there are very few medicines for the control of eczema. All ages can participate in this study and if you are a minor you need the signature of your parents or guardians. You should go to a dermatologist first to consult your skin problem. Other benefits of this study are: free transportation, checkup by a doctor, at each visit the vital signs check, creams or gel creams for eczema.The time of this study lasts between three to four years. Remember that it is not only your health is also your comfort with yourself and your skin.


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