COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

It’s a new study where volunteers have lung problems. The medicine is introduced into the vein of the volunteer. Qualifying in this study is the difficult part because the patient needs to be constantly on time on all visits. The patient will need to go to three different places for this same study. Why three different places? Because the first place is the study clinic, the second where radiology is done, and the third place where lung exams are done. The study time is two and half years. At the beginning of the study the patient needs to be on their visits every two weeks after the visit seven the patient start going every four weeks. Another requirement of this study is that each visit the patient needs to become laboratories and this means drawing blood. Also another examination in a machine called a spirometer to check the strength of the lungs. Benefits include free transportation, payment for your visit, free medicine, vital signs check, a doctor’s check, and check-up of your lungs at each visit. The payment for each visit is one hundred dollars including all previous benefits. If you are a minor you need the consent of your parents to qualify in this study. If you have any questions please leave your comment below.


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