DNA and Cancer

DNA is who we are and everything is from our parents. This is not a treatment with any medicine but it is part of the quest to create new medicines with the DNA of thousands of volunteers. The first requirement is that the person has some type of cancer and some medical evidence that confirmed that he/she had or is having cancer. The second requirement for this study is that the volunteer has had a family member with cancer and no matter what type of cancer has been. In the second requirement, no evidence or medical paper are needed to confirm if the relative had cancer. Anyone can participate in this study of all ages, since only the saliva of the patient is needed as a sample for the laboratory. The volunteer will need to complete a consent form and need to be signed. One of the best things about this DNA study is that it processes all patient information in a single day. So, the patient will only come for one day and he or she will be paid for his/her consultation fitty dollars. The visit for this study can least from thirty minutes to an hour. Please consult with approved clinics for this study. Do not be afraid and make your visit. If you want to know more about the subject pleaseĀ  leave your comment


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