New medicine for anemia and kidneys.

With this new medicine you will have the benefit of improving your kidneys and controlling your anaemia. For volunteers who want to participate in this study need to be over 18 years. If your doctor has told you that you have kidney problems and anemia. You should consult with approved clinics for this study. Your first consultation with the clinic, you will ask questions about your health status, social information, your reason for the consultation, and at the end of the consultation you will be ask for your medical information from your primary doctor or some other doctor. The process of being accepted in this study for each patient takes at least two to four weeks. For this type of consultation you do not need to pay and get many benefits by participating. This study as others has inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria. This means that you need to be eligible to participate in this study. You will have benefits to participate which are: you will be paid for each visit, free transportation, a check of your vital signs, and at each visit will be the doctor to control your health. In the process you will be asked for your consent to begin the study. Remember your health first and always maintain a healthy life. If you have any questions about this study leave your comment.


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